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Esports Gambling

Esports betting is becoming more and more popular with new games and players join the ever growing market for online gambling. As of 2021, a large number of online casinos have opened their doors to a new generation of online gamers looking to bet on Esport. Generally sportsbooks have been making a shift towards allowing players to bet money on Esports to make their favourite video game have an extra layer of edge to it.

Major names in the online sports betting realm have been opening their doors to the very well respected Esports industry, in order to cater for players like yourself, who are looking to place bets on their favourite teams and Esports players react to chance to quick bit of fun and turn it into real money! With more Esports becoming able to bet real money on, it is becoming a major section of some of the biggest online sportsbooks, with some sportsbooks being totally dedicated to Esports!

Now we have younger generations who have been brought up around video games, having been playing online video games for multiple years now, the amount of players and spectators in Esports is already ginormous, with only a huge possibility to grow further and further. So if you have spent a lot of your time sat in MW2 sniper lobbies, kicking your mates out of FIFA tournaments or even trashing scrubs at hearthstone, this is now a well established betting market for you to place your money where your mouth is!

Years of sitting on a couch, spam playing your weekend away on whatever console you preferred will now become potentially invaluable knowledge, giving you the edge to know which of the teams/players are worth you placing money on in order to get a tasty return. There is a huge variety of games and genres of game which you can bet on, all the way from FPS to racing games with even Formula1 making waves into the Esports sector due to the Covid-19 environment, named FormulaE.

Moving into 2022 we are looking to see a mass adoption for more online casinos to open up options for gamers and Esports enthusiasts to be a more widely accessible place for players to place money behind their favourite teams and players in their main game. This in theory should allow for a bigger scene in betting, possibly even attracting non-gamers to a video game based betting scene, making Esports even more of a popular competitive industry, helping it to grow and give lots more variety to anything involved in the process, for example, in Esports betting, we would see more games adopted and should allow for more in-depth bets, less simplistic than match point bets, but bets which intergrate nicely with the game itself. I would love to see in the future the possibility to bet on things like, the first item bought in a game of league, or which dragon would show up first, possibly even how long would the game last.

Esports Games

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Bet on Esport

Betting on live Esports events has become very popular. It has increased substantial foothold in the most recent years. The development in this niche has seen an alarming spike. It has been assessed that the worldwide Esports betting business sector is predicted be worth $324 million in 2020 which will be a stable 39% growth, which is far from unrealistic, statistically speaking.

The term Esports is an abbreviation for electronic sports, and it refers to committed video gaming. Thus, we're essentially discussing individuals or teams playing computer games against one another in opposition. Some time ago, the best way to play computer games against "reality" rivals was to sit before a standard console that would have controls for two players. However, recent times have changed massively. It does not matter if you are isolated at your home as long as you have a good internet connection. It further implies that you can play against anybody irrespective of the geographical location while sitting in the comfort of your home.

As indicated by reports, more than 2.4 billion individuals participate in online video gaming in 2019, moving to 2.6 billion by the end of 2020. It is an astonishing figure but very aptly describes the gaming community. Not all gamers partake in PvP (player versus player), there is a large percentage of gamers who prefer solo play or PvE (player versus environment) and prefer other aspects of video games which has a less competitive side to video gaming in general, however PvE does not always dictate solo play. Player vs Environment can include teams grouping up to partake in raids in World of Warcraft, for example where teams will race against each other to get a world first boss kill!

If you have experience in betting, then placing a bet on Esports will not be difficult for you. We have all been acquainted with stakes placed on sports such as tennis or football, wherein an individual picks one player or team and bets the odds in its favor. Bets on Esports work similarly.

At first, making a bet on a video game player may appear to be weird. However, it does involve the same process as conventional sports betting. Therefore, to phrase it fundamentally, if you have placed a bet on an ongoing sports event, Esports betting is practically the equivalent.

Following the ordinary instinct, you would want to bet on the winner of a tennis match. However, while betting on Esports, you would merely be betting on the player who will win the game, as per your analysis. For instance, placing your bet on the player you think would win the field title in a Call of Duty match. Moreover, fortunately, Esports has gotten more professionalized. You can become familiar with top Esports teams like Fnatic,, and SK Telecom T1 to increase the odds of your bet.

Betting on Esports implies that you need to bet on odds that the bookmaker sets. So while there are shallow contrasts between Esports and conventional sports, both of these actions are surprisingly comparable with regards to betting.

How to Bet on Esport

Betting on Esports, in reality, is like betting on conventional sports games. In Esports, the primary bet is the match-winner or game-winner, and it is also referred to as the Moneyline bet. However, they are other types of bets available for individuals depending upon your favored online Esports betting website. The procedure is simple: you place a bet on the team you think will dominate the game. After selecting the odds, you will have to wait for the game to finish and see whether you have won or lost your bet money.

Placing a bet is straightforward. It would be best if you simply selected the ideal odds, which will be added to your betting slip. At that point, you need to choose the amount you are eager to stake. Most betting slips will consequently calculate the likely rewards for you. Once you've tapped on the 'place bet' symbol, then it is just a matter of kicking back and trusting your instincts. Rely on your gaming impulses and hope that the winning outcome yields you money.

Once you've discovered a betting site that takes bets on your preferred Esports, it would be advised if you do not waste your time searching for more websites. It would help if you enrolled for a new account with the site immediately. Registration will only take a couple of minutes as you will be required to fill in some necessary credentials. When you've confirmed your account, select a suitable payment option to make your initial deposit. Remember, this is where you can benefit from welcome bonuses. Therefore, be careful while signing in.

After you've registered for an account and made your deposit, look through the site's Esports games to discover a match that could convey a decent payout. It would be helpful to learn or get a proper grasp on the Esports game/team before you lay your cash down to bet.

Betting Catagories in Esports

Money Line Betting

MoneyLine betting is the most conventional category of Esports bet. The bet involves individuals picking the side they think will dominate the game. If the outcome is likely, your bet will reap the rewards. However, if the opponent wins, you will typically lose your stake.

Handicap Betting

In a handicap, the bookmaker will attempt to adjust the odds of each side by giving the lower positioned side a bit of benefit (positive handicap) and the higher placed side a hindrance (negative handicap). The advantage or disadvantage is set at the discretion of the bookmaker prior to the game's start. The objective of introducing a handicap bet is to make the perceived chances of a team winning more equal.

Accumulator Bets

Accumulator bets are also referred to as combi-bets. It is the best way for individuals to bet on the outcome of multiple Esports events. However, accumulator bets need individuals to get all their predictions right in order to secure a payout. Consequently, it is incredibly challenging to predict accumulator bets. Although, a straight win in all the events can lead to a genuinely phenomenal payout.

Live Betting Options

Some Esports websites provide live betting options. Under live betting, individuals can wager bets even after the event has commenced. As a result, live betting has become very popular on various websites that feature live streaming for a variety of games, including CS: GO, LoL, and Dota 2.

First Map

There is always a series for each match in Esports. Teams or players are given a spread based on the number of games they may win in a series. Individuals who are fans of first-person shooters, for instance, in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, placing a bet on the first map can yield good results.

First Kill

As the name suggests, you can place the bets on the team or player who will first secure a kill or blood in a particular match. However, these bets require more expertise. So ensure that you follow live streaming at Esports to understand who will get the first kill in the game.

Season or Tournament Winner Bets

Each group is allocated chances to win the title, make to the finals, scurry to the end of the season, and so on toward the start of a tournament or competition. Like customary games, you can bet on a group or player you think will win the match. Esports allows fans to lay cash on their preferred teams in return for a decent payout.

Tips to Become a Successful Bettor

Individuals must understand the risks involved to place bets successfully. Generally, when it comes to betting at Esports events, a large proportion of the bettors are already acquainted with the game's nuances. Therefore, you must be responsible while wagering your hard-earned money.

Individuals willing to accept the risks can start by learning the trends of odd compilers and bookmakers. A primary reason why customer sports betting is so challenging is that the odd compilers are good at what they do.

With years of experience and data at their disposal, they are able to set the odds with extreme precision. However, the odd compilers in the Esports market are far from severe to beat. They are nowhere near the compilers in traditional sports. Therefore, you can begin by getting to know the peculiarities that are involved in the business.

Also, experts recommend always to use reputable betting sites. Various sites offer Esports betting; although most of them provide adequate services, some are outright terrible and better off avoided in the first place.


There is no point putting hard-earned money down in a team or player if you aren't familiar with the ongoing season of top-level Esports games like CS: GO, League of Legends, and StarCraft II. It might sound silly, yet there is an alarming increase in casual Esports fans hopping straight into the arena, placing bets without adequate information. Try not to let yourself become engaged with the energy or the expected effortlessness of putting down a straight bet on the most famous team. In such a scenario, you may spend money and return with disappointment. It's reasonable judgment and knowledge which applies to every bet on any live game.