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Genshin Impact Attributes Leveling

So now a good few months into Genshin Impact I am still very much enjoying the game, great content and just enough updates to keep players interested. After around 100 pulls on wishes I also finally got a 5 star character which is Mona but in saying that I haven’t been able to use that character yet and here is why! Genshin Impact scales at an incredible level, the early days of the game are quite easy and if I knew how difficult maintaining resources is going to be in the future I would have been a little more focused on using those items. So looking at leveling items which are the travelers experience, adventurers experience and heroes experience you will quickly realize the only one that really matters is Hero’s Experience and finding enough of these is tough especially when trying to level more than one character. What I find happens is when you go up an Adventurer Rank you suddenly need a giant stockpile of Heroes Experience as getting the full potential out of a character really matters and as the world level goes up this becomes quite tough with even Hilichurl fights becoming far harder than they were on a previous World Level. So it’s a constant race with keeping up with the world level by ensuring your main character is always at full capacity and this isn’t just about attributes but the game has so many diverse ways of leveling from Weapons, Artifacts, Talents and even constellations. So generally you scale your characters in 5 different ways which artifacts and weapons seem to have the greatest effect followed by actual level as the amount you can increase attack on attribute levels seems to be far less than that on weapons and artifacts. There is more to it but keep in mind saving Heros experience for the right character is really important. Also keep in mind that without attribute levels some other scaling or leveling features like Talents become impossible as certain ascension ranks are required to further most of your talents.

Genshin Impact Weapon Leveling 

So i’m putting these in the same order the game does and after a couple months playing the game I realize weapons are one of the most important factors and scaling these does take time and more importantly dedication. Genshin Impact makes a habit of not finding items randomly but more so requires the player to go out and search for the leveling items. This goes even further as certain items can only be found on certain days of the week and combining this with certain items only being found on certain bosses makes for a whole heap of variables and planning your characters in advance. I don’t personally go that far but if you wanted to excel you know that certain weapon or character advancing items can only be obtained on Tuesdays, Thursday or Sundays means your play time needs to be precise and the fact you can exhaust your weekly treasure limits means that you need to think of what items matter and if you want to play daily its good to have a good few characters you wish to scale as you may end up with a bottle neck. So choosing the right weapon and items to go after count for a lot and when your world level increases you are going to feel a huge difference here when going after certain side quests and bosses. The game scales fast so keep in mind if you were to run through certain quests that quickly increase the world level without scaling your weapons correctly you are going to struggle big time with taking out even the most basic of opponents. 

Genshin Impact Artifact Leveling

So I would second the second most powerful or important area in Genshin to level or scale with the world level is certainly artifacts as the percentage multiplier achievable here is huge when comparing to attribute leveling. The issue however with artifact leveling is the fact artifact as far and few. Unlike weapons and attributes which you can farm easier or simply mine along with buy many other weapons to increase other weapons levels artifacts are much harder to farm as they have no stones like those of weapons that allow you to accelerate the leveling process, artifacts need to be obtained at random either through treasure chests or boss fights, occasionally from a monster drop I seemed to have had some lower level artifacts drop but to be honest they don’t do much at the higher level of the game. So your best bet is planning your farming routine to include some of the bosses as you easily get the most and highest level artifacts when beating either bosses or domains and with some domains playable on repeat they are easily the best place to farm your leveling artifacts. When looking for better artifacts the boss fights count for a lot evening running through Dvalin aka Storm Terror will allow you to mine some decent higher level artifacts used both for equipment and also leveling other more use artifacts 

Genshin Impact Talent Leveling

So going into Talents is pretty straight forward in comparison to other areas, you can only scale however based on your ascension level it seems, some talents are fully maxed out immediately but others do require you to craft or obtain the right items to level. These talents though are quite useful and in times increase a good 30% damage done by the corresponding ability which does make talent leveling quite important not as much as lets say weapons and artifacts but quite useful to increase damage especially when using certain attacks. I for one do make a lot of use of Kaeya’s freeze ability or Frostgnaw. And the corresponding talent allows for greater life steal when using Frostgnaw on any opponent even bosses so these are quite useful 

Genshin Impact Constellations 

The last area players seem to be able to put some leveling into is Constellations however I haven’t quite grasps this one as the only place I have so far obtained constellation items from is the wish method when getting a duplicate character you are given a corresponding constellation leveling item, I will certainly be looking into this further on my next play sessions as it seems these abilities to add some super buff to your characters attacks and abilities. 

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