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Genshin Impact Buying Crystals

So moving into around month number three of playing Genshin Impact I have slowly ventured into the spending region of the game. I wanted to try this out to really assess whether the game actually plays better when spending a bit of real money in Genshin Impact. To be honest I haven’t yet seen the benefit of doing this. I spent around fifteen euros to date all of which on Crystal, one was a special offer where you get 300 up front a a further 90 per day for 30 days but never more than 90 in one day which is a little annoying, I also bought one double up which was three hundred thirty Crystal and get another three hundred thirty for free, spent the whole lot and only got one four star character till now. I receive Barbara three times to date and also Sucrose but not a single five star character, considering I finished all the Monstadt missions and all the primogems I got from there went on wishing I’m surprised I haven’t had any major characters win on wishes. 

Genshin Impact Wishing

So going into more detail on Genshin Impact wishing does seem to be a big part of the game, as not only are many of the good characters in Genshin Impac impossible to obtain otherwise but so are many of the good weapons in the game. However the wishing system does appear to be quite bugged and i’m not sure whether this is done on purpose. So to explain I have spent quite a few primogems since starting the game however I don’t have anything to show for it, many of the items won in Genshin Impact Wishes are actually the same items you have wont time and time again. When it comes to weapons I have once won a single 4 star sword from a primogem wish and a couple of other 4 star items but about 95% of the weapons won on genshin impact wish system are the same 5 weapons on repeat which is quite annoying, when it comes to bows it’s pretty much the same over and over again with Sharpshooter Oath probably having been won about 20 times to date, as for swords again the same over and over with the Debate Club probably making up another twenty wish wins. I have seen a lot of players with top tier characters like VentI or already Ganyu but how realistic are they and are these players playing tons to have enough wishes to win such characters?

Genshin Impact Characters

So one thing I have realized and if you really want to enjoy the game in Genshin impact is characters, you need to have as many as possible as this will really help with certain areas of the game but also in the long run hitting those achievements like the fantastic four which really only works if you run a dungeon with 4 characters of the same element. To be honest this is much harder than it looks as just getting these characters is a lot of work. I have been casually playing for around 3 months and at most have 2 given there are a good few elements in the game having 4 of one can be quite tricky. But its not just about getting the characters you need for certain achievements, genshin impact is full of so many incrcasies and areas to focus on that the game certainly needs a lot more hours then what I have managed to put into so far. Took me a good while to just understand all the things you need to level up and that applies to every character but furthermore all characters have passive abilities which really do change gameplay and the more characters you have the more passive abilities you’re going to get, so part of enjoying Genshin impact is certainly building a big team of characters across all the elements as some puzzles require these simply to get your treasure chest. 

Genshin impact Team Formations

So talking about each character and passive abilities formations seem to be something more important in the later game especially for those player that like to adventure, in the early game I just had my main team which I used for pretty much all the areas in Genshin Impact, however a few months into playing the game I see there is much more to having a smoother ride in genshin impact than just having your best players in formation. First of all you will certainly start with your attacking and adventuring party which is quite quick to put together but as things progress it gets hard to maintain with just two because items change. You need a Geo of Heavy attack character like Noelle when you want to mine but finding the perfect combination of this is hard. Some characters can open Mist flowers but then don’t have the right weapon for adventuring. You always need to keep a bow handy for those flying anemos and the flowers that become flying targets to unlock chests. You also ensure you have an Anemo, Fire, Cryo and Geo character available when adventuring in certain areas. One thing you will notice on first entering Liyue Region is that many chests require the GEO Travellers special to place on flatforms which unlock many of the chests in the region however there are also tons of other things new to be found like mining resources that require a fire arrow or boxes wrapped in vines even boxes frozen in Ice. There is a ton of combinations to be had at parties and finding the right ones will work well and make your adventuring easier. Some areas are more prone to certain items to many sure you have someone who can make platforms in Liyue whilst Fire is very important in Monstand colder regions and dragonspine. Finding your favorite party is part of the fun and i’m sure with so many new characters on the horizon these are going to be quite interesting. 

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