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How is PvP (Arena) in Shadowlands?

World of Warcraft has come a long way in changing and moving forward with some brilliant updates and new content. Shadowlands so far has taken off to a flying start with more than the majority of feedback being incredibly positive about the new expansion, bringing a lot of players to buy the game and even return, some after missing multiple expansions.

Let’s first clarify one thing, of which is an important point to keep in mind while reading this article, is that World of Warcraft is primarily a PvE orientated game, with PvP as relative side aspect to the game.

The rebirth of PvP

PvP in World of Warcraft is currently experiencing an increase in players flocking towards it, giving the scene more of a spotlight than it has had for a very long time. With the return of PvP vendors, honor and conquest gear, it brought in many PvE focused players to join in the PvP scene, yes in return for good gear, but that’s totally fine.

The meta of PvP is very bursty and fast paced, which granted will not suit a lot of players or classes, however it makes for quick games which can be potentially painless upon even a loss as the fact that you aren’t stuck inside a half an hour game only to lose to dampening or OOM issues.

Even the top PvE players do some PvP

If you have been watching any of the RWF (race to world first) you will notice that the top mythic raiding guilds have been partaking in PvP in order to gain gear, yes, gearing from PvP is now very viable. 

A lot of the PvE gear is still bis, however PvP gear is one, easily obtainable and two, a decent item level. Giving incentives for many players to try their hand at battlegrounds, epic battle ground, arena skirmishes & even rated arena. 

Rated PvP is still giving the higher item level rewards than the casual modes, however that is only sensicle and still has been a pull for players to step out of their comfort zones and into another “hardcore” aspect the MMO has to offer.

The PvP scene moving forward

I personally, as a player who enjoys both PvE & PvP alike, do hope that the PvP scene is given attention and incentives to draw players into this aspect of the game.

It is currently in a state where PvP gear is obtained through PvP with some minor PvE gear probably shining inside the PvP realm, but that’s a lot less prominent than BFA.

PvP for Esport

Seeing as PvP is the main source of Esport in World of Warcraft currently and I would love to see PvE aspects grow into the Esport realm, for example MDI (Mythic Dungeon Invitational) where teams go head to head in a time trial/fastest run of dungeons. 

Bringing these Esport aspects of the game to life will create a hype around a competitive side of the game which is a big pull for many video gamers/Esports enthusiasts alike which is very healthy for any game.

I hope to see a continual growth yet still a no commitment needed side to the PvP aspect of the game!

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